Uncensored Doujinshi Manga, Bad Girls

Uncensored Doujinshi Comic
Read A Couple Pages From The Uncensored Doujinshi Series Called Bad Girls

Big tit ninja girls having sex with demons, what more can a bakunyuu doujinshi fan ask for? While Bad Girls was originally censored when released in Japan, Manga Database has done and awesome job at decensoring this adult manga and translating it to English text.  We join the story where it starts to good. Sexy ninja babe Oboro-Chan has just been defeated by a demon and now she’s being used as an underworld sex toy. Japanese artwork always impresses me and Bad Girls raises the bar for all porn comic publishers.

Japanese Doujinshi Comics     Japanese Doujinshi Comics     Japanese Doujinshi Comics
Read more pages from Bad Girls here!

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