Twelve Umbrafox Porn Drawings From Wicked Cartoons

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Umbrafox (Matthew Manard) is a 42-year-old porno artist hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana in The United States. You might not know of his name, but you’ll probably recognize his work. His distinct style of porn drawings features vintage characters from horror and mystery movies from the 60’s and 70’s. Expect to see mostly horror themed work revolving around vampires and featuring characters like Elvira and Velma from Scooby Doo. Umbrafox has also been know to dabble in comic book themed porn drawings too, putting your favorite DC and Marvel superheroes in perilous sexual situations.

Umbrafox Porn Drawing 01
        Umbrafox Porn Drawing 02

Umbrafox Porn Drawing 03
        Umbrafox Porn Drawing 04

Umbrafox Porn Drawing 05
        Umbrafox Porn Drawing 06


Umbrafox Porn Drawing 07
        Umbrafox Porn Drawing 08

Umbrafox Porn Drawing 09        Umbrafox Porn Drawing 10

Umbrafox Porn Drawing 11
        Umbrafox Porn Drawing 12


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