Adult Comics Strip, The Naughty In Law!

The Naughty in LawJanice Has Sex With Her Father In Law Behind Her Husbands Back

Janice is the trophy wife every man wants to have, there is only one problem. Janice is dumb and horny as all hell, almost every man she meets can fool her into having sex with them. ‘The Naughty In Law‘ is the latest chapter of her sexually charged adventures through everyday life. While visiting her husbands parents for the weekend, Janice once again finds herself cheating on her husband, but this time, she’s doing it with his father! It only takes a few minutes and little smooth talk from this old horn dog to fuck his son’s wife. Do you think these two can keep their encounter a secret, or will Janice’s husband finally find out his wife is dirty little whore that’ll go down on anyone in a heart beat.

Adult Comics Club The Naughty In Law    Adult Comics Club The Naughty In Law    Adult Comics Club The Naughty In Law
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