The Dossier 001- Ember’s Game – Part 1

3D Porn Comic The Dossier Ember's Game View 3D Porn Pictures From “The Dossier 001- Ember’s Game” Here

The Dossier‘ is a 3D porno comic set in a sci-fi future, where humans travel all throughout the universe. Aboard a mining station on a deep space meteorite, works a law enforcement officer named Ember. She’s been feeling extremely horny lately, and today she decides to get flirty with a senior officer. She flashes her breasts just as her superior is taking his shot on the Rec.Room’s pool table. The shock of seeing Embers enormous breasts causes the man to scratch the ball, thus giving an advantage to Ember. The man accuses her of cheating, and Ember agrees she hasn’t played fairly. She forfeits the match and rewards the winner of the game. She pulls down her superiors pants and slowly starts licking the tip of his dick. Once his cock is dripping with saliva, Ember places it between her huge cock pillows. The match winner now gets rewarded with a victory titjob from the loser.

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