The Dossier 001- Ember’s Game – Part 2

The Dossier 001 Embers Game 2Read The Second Chapter Of The Dossier Embers Game Here

Hello everyone, and a happy belated New Years to you all! As you’ve probably noticed, there haven’t been any new posts here since mid December. I apologize, but I was working on the launch of a new blog (Hentai Pussy Pics) for the last couple of weeks, but now I’m ready to resume operations here at The Animated Porn Blog once again!

We’re starting things of with an update to a 3D porn comic we featured back in August, The Dossier; Embers Game. Once again, you can expect to see the highest quality 3D sex renders the internet has to offer with an erotic story that will keep you captivated.

3D Porn Comic; The Dossier 01       3D Porn Comic; The Dossier 02

3D Porn Comic; The Dossier 03
       3D Porn Comic; The Dossier 04

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3D Porn Comic; The Dossier 05
       3D Porn Comic; The Dossier 06

3D Porn Comic; The Dossier 07
       3D Porn Comic; The Dossier 08

3D Porn Comic; The Dossier 09
       3D Porn Comic; The Dossier 10

3D Porn Comic; The Dossier 11
       3D Porn Comic; The Dossier 12

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