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Twelve Hentai Drawings Of Busty Super Sonico

Super Sonico Hentai Porn Gallery

See All Twelve Super Sonico Hentai Images In This Free Gallery Super Sonico is the mascot for the Japanese computer and video game software company Nitroplus. Her first appearance was as the mascot for a Nitroplus-sponsored music festival “Nitro Super Sonico” in 2006. She is a busty and voluptuous eighteen-year-old college student with light pink hair. Super Sonico also […]

Super Sonico Hentai Picture Collection – Volume 01

See Japanese Mascot Super Sonico In Nude Hentai Drawings If you follow Japanese gaming culture, even just a little, you should know who Super Sonico is by now. She’s the big chested mascot of Nitroplus, a Japanese gaming software company. Much like Hatsune Miku, Super Sonico has risen above being a mere mascot, and is an cultural icon […]