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15 Sick Japanese Guro Hentai Drawings

Fifteen Sick And Uncalled For Japanese Guro Hentai Drawings Holy shit, what’s wrong with Japanese people? Their artwork can range from irresistible cute to unnecessarily violent. Guro is a Japanese term that means ‘Erotic Grotesque,’ an art style originating back to the 1930’s. Guro hentai tries to shock and arouse its viewers with blood, gore, disfiguration, torture, and bloody amputations. We […]

These Guro Hentai Drawings May Be Traumatizing

See Acts Of Torture And Murder Too Horrible To Describe Here This guro hentai gallery will be the most disturbing post that you’ll see on our blog this month. It’s so horrible that I don’t even know where to begin… These poor horrified girls are all victims of rape and murder, dying with the look of fear frozen […]

Shoujyo and the Back Alley Part 1-2

Uncensored Teen Rape Hentai Drawings

See An Adolescent Girl Gets Raped In Shoujyo and the Back Alley! Having finally crossed the line, a criminally insane gang member has kidnapped a 13yr old girl with the objective of holding her for ransom. He carries his unconscious victim into a back alley, where he acts out his primal urges and drug fueled delusions on […]

Uncensored Street Fighter Porn Drawings

View More Uncensored Street Fighter Porn Drawings In This Gallery Have you ever wondered what happens in Street Fighter after the fight is over, and there is an unconscious girl laying on the floor? Well, wonder no longer, because this gallery of Street Fighter porn drawings reveals the answer to that question. Rape and humiliation is […]

Shoujyo and the Back Alley Part 1-1

See Young Teen Shoujyo Looses Her Virginity To A Rapist In The Back Alley Here is the first part in a multiple part series called “Shoujyo and the Back Alley.” The following drawings portray the story of a young Japanese teenager named Shoujyo, and her encounter with a rapist. In part one, we see the rapist […]

Uncensored Guro Hentai Pictures From Hell

See Hot Girls Get Ground In To Hamburger Meat In This Hentai Guro Gallery It’s been awhile since our blog posted something to arouse all the necrophiliacs out there. I know a lot of you sick fucks get a hard-on whenever you see girls being bound, tortured, and killed by serial killers and monstrous beasts. Thankfully […]

See Blood and Guts In This Guro Hentai Gallery

Bloody And Uncensored Guro Hentai Porn

Hot Anime Girls Meet Their Demise In This Uncensored Guro Hentai Gallery I often wonder “what the fuck is wrong with Japanese people,” don’t you? Take these sick Guro Hentai pictures for example. The focus here is seeing hot woman being tortured to death, pretty messed up right? Who are these weird Japanese men that fap to […]