Shoujyo and the Back Alley Part 1-1

Shoujyo and the Back Alley Part 1-1See Young Teen Shoujyo Looses Her Virginity To A Rapist In The Back Alley

Here is the first part in a multiple part series called “Shoujyo and the Back Alley.” The following drawings portray the story of a young Japanese teenager named Shoujyo, and her encounter with a rapist. In part one, we see the rapist in question has already caught his young victim, and has her arms tied behind her back. He cuts her clothing off with a knife, while she’s still unconscious from the attack that lead to her capture. The rapist lubes up his cock, then lifts and spreads Shoujyo’s legs. He thrust his huge cock into her young body, stealing her virginity and causing her vagina to bleed. The pain from having her hymn ripped apart awakens Shoujyo from her unconscious state, and now she’s face to face with her rapist. She begins to kick and struggle with him, but this only makes the rapist turn violent.

View The Rest Of Shoujyo And The Back Alley Here!

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