Strawberry 100% Doujinshi Namaka By NiseMIDIDoroNoKai

Decensored Japanese Doujinshi Namaka Chapter 5
Click Here To Read Nine Decensored Pages From Namaka 5

NiseMIDIDoroNoKai, otherwise known as Ishikei, is an amazing Japanese artist known for producing full color doujinshi of outstanding quality. His doujinshi project called Namaka, which you can sample in today’s free gallery, is an alternate take of the Strawberry 100% anime series. It features popular series characters such as Kozue Mukai, Misuzu Sotomura, Tsukasa Nishino, and Yui Minamito in various sexual scenarios. Thanks to the staff of Manga Database, every image in this doujinshi has be professionally decensored. Better still is the fact that the story has also been painstakingly translated to English for your reading pleasure.

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