Comic Book Style Erotic Art By Panzer

Erotic Artwork By Panzer View More Of Panzer’s Erotic And Controversial Fetish Artwork

If I had to describe Panzer’s artwork to someone who’s never seen it before, I would say that it’s very reminiscent of the style of artwork most commonly seen in late 90’s comic books. Unlike comic books, Panzer’s artwork is highly erotic and sometimes even down right controversial. His content ranges from latex fetishes, mechanical augmentations, brutal monster fucking, and things so unimaginable that they cannot even be described. Whether it be latex lesbian astronauts using mechanical tentacles as sex toys, or a deplorable gutter slut having anal sex with rotting zombie cock, you’re going to find yourself total mesmerized by the unique western artwork Panzer is world renowned for.

Panzer Porn Drawing 02      Panzer Porn Drawing 09
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