CL-Orz 16 The Latest Uncensored Doujinshi

Uncensored Japanese DoujinshiThis Uncensored Doujinshi Has Been Translated Into English Text

Japanese hentai artist Kure Masahiro knocks it out of the ballpark in this uncensored doujinshi manga. In his 16th installment of CL-Orz we follow the story of two hot sisters who go on an anal sex adventure.  You’ll enjoy seeing Anaru and Ano Hana get their pink little assholes filled up with hot spunk. This outrageous anal sex comic has been translated into english text so all you western porn fanatics can finally enjoy reading as well as viewing. Don’t pass up this hot series, the full colored Japanese artwork is vibrant and high erotic.

CL-Orz 16 Page 1     CL-Orz 16 Page 2     CL-Orz 16 Page 3
Read more pages from CL-Orz 16 here!

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