The Candy House Doujinshi Has Been Decensored

Read Candy House Chapter 4 HereSee Sexy Nurses Suck Dick And Fuck In Chapter Four Of The Candy House Doujinshi

Finally, chapter 4 of the Candy House series has been decensored and translated to English. Now us western doujinshi fans can enjoy the story in out native language and without all the stupid mosaic censorship. Good things come to those that wait, and now us patient folks can beat our meat to best version of Candy House chapter 4 to ever be released! It’s a great read too, a tale of four horny nurses doing what ever it takes to get a patient’s  sample. As you probably already guessed, the “sample” is his semen. The four hot nurse all take turns sucking his dick and fucking him, making the patient cum multiple times. Everytime these nurse make the patient ejaculate they collect his cum in a lab beaker. Just how much of his semen do they play to collect, and what will they do with it? I guess you’re just going to have to read this chapter of Candy House to find out the answers to these questions and more.

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