Bruce Bond’s ‘Bond Adventures’ Continues On

Bruce Bond's Bond AdventuresBruce Bond Rapes A Few Enemy Soldiers While Interrogating Them

International spy and brutal bondage master, Bruce Bond, is in need of enemy intel. Being a man of action, he he immediately sneaks behind enemy lines and on to a small base. Once he’s in the base, Bruce Bond steals an enemy uniform and begins his Bond Adventures. He picks out a few female soldiers that look like they’ll break under his special interrogation methods.  He isolates his beautiful targets and strikes before they even realize they’re in danger. Once they awake, they find that Bruce has already stripped them naked and tied them up in humiliating BDSM positions. From there, Bruce’s methods are pretty straight forward. He pulls out his cock an starts face fucking and raping his pretty captives. Frightened, humiliated, and in excruciating pain, the defiled female soldiers start spilling the classified information Bruce wants to know.

Cartoon Bondage by Bond Adventures   Cartoon Bondage by Bond Adventures
Cartoon Bondage by Bond Adventures   Cartoon Bondage by Bond Adventures
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