Bruce Bond Gets Hardcore In Bond Adventures

Bruce Bond - Bond Adventures - 01See Bruce Bond Humiliate And Fuck Frightened Women Right Here

Bruce Bond is an international spy and generally considered a man of mystery. He doesn’t always like to fuck women, but when he does, he ties them up and humiliates them! Today we follow Bruce as he embarks on his most recent mission, better known as an ‘Bond Adventure‘ to his fellow spies. We join him deep undercover as an enemy solider, on a mission to gain intel from a suspected terrorist. Naturally the terrorist in question is a woman, and her trusted body guards are also female. This doesn’t set back Bruce Bond for a second, he quickly gains the upper-hand on the startled woman, and restrains them with rope. From here on out his interrogation methods are questionable… Strangling women while shoving grenades and rifles in their pussies is a good way to make the talk. After gaining his intel, Bruce Bond rapes all three terrorist in a final act of humiliation.

Cartoon Bondage by Bond Adventures    Cartoon Bondage by Bond Adventures    Cartoon Bondage by Bond Adventures
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