The Third Chapter Of Bond Adventures Is Here

Bond Adventures Part 03Bruce Bond Gets Brutal In The Latest Bond Adventures

Bruce Bond can never seem to escape his life of being a special agent trained in female interrogations. Even when Bruce is trying to escape his stressful work life by playing a round of golf, he finds himself in the middle of another one of his legendary Bond Adventures. At the 9th hole of the course, Bruce is thrown into a traumatic flashback of a previous mission. Convinced that his bag girl is a terrorist who’s about to do harm to Americans, Bruce Bond ties her to his golf bag and begins his BDSM style interrogation. After being beat, rapped, and humiliated for hours, the broken bag girl finally admits to crimes she’s never committed, and get’s thrown in jail completely innocent of any wrong doing.

Cartoon Bondage by Bond Adventures 07 Cartoon Bondage by Bond Adventures 08 Cartoon Bondage by Bond Adventures 09
Cartoon Bondage by Bond Adventures 10 Cartoon Bondage by Bond Adventures 11 Cartoon Bondage by Bond Adventures 12
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