Kannagi Parody Doujinshi Betsujin (Decensored)

Kannagi Doujinshi Betsujin (Decensored)Kannagi Parody Doujinshi Betsujin (Decensored) By Ishikei

Betsujin is a Japanese doujinshi that directly parodies the Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens series. Written and ilistrated by Ishikei, this erotic porn comic has everything you’ve come to expect from a Nise Midi Doronokai publication. Featuring Risa Hayamizu, Shino Ookouchi, Tsugumi Aoba from the Kannagi series, this doujinshi has been decensored and translated into English for the first time every! Uncensored Japanese artwork with an amazing to read English story, serieously, who could possibly ask for more? Keep tuned to the Animated Porn Blog for more great decencored and translated doujinshi by Japan’s best artists and writters.

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