Becoming A Girl – A Fully Uncensored Doujinshi Manga

Decensored Doujinshi - Becoming A GirlTakumi Spits Up Cum After Sucking Dick in The Doujinshi Series  ‘Becoming A Girl’

Becoming A Girl is the latest uncensored Japanese doujinshi manga to be translated into English. The story follows a cute girl named Takumi. The twist to this story is that Takumi is really a guy who mysterious turned into a girl. One day Takumi gets attacked by a group of perverts that force the he/she into a rape like situation. This event was more inspirational than frightening to  Takumi, and he began to live like a sex crazy nymphomaniac in his female body. I’m sure you’re already aware that Japanese doujinshi usually have fucked up topics, this one is no exception. In these few pages you’ll read the uncensored blowjob scene, but there is a lot of hot sex going down in later issues of Becoming A Girl.  Takumi slowly transforms from a man trapped in a girls body, to a full-fledged female slut! Don’t miss out on this awesome doujinshi series provided by Manga Database.

Uncensored Doujinshi Manga by ShindoL      Uncensored Doujinshi Manga by ShindoL      Uncensored Doujinshi Manga by ShindoL
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